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The Golden Ass

Apuleius was a Latin writer who lived in the second century AD (about 124-170 AD). He is the last major writer of (surviving) classical Latin, a relic of the stable … Continue reading

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Ancient laughter: Petronius

For every great writer we have there is an ocean of ephemera. We read One Hundred Years of Solitude while exposed to Mills and Boon romances, SF magazines TV series … Continue reading

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The nineteenth century in western Europe was an Age of Science. More than that, it was an age of applied science, and inventions that drew people together began to proliferate. … Continue reading

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Dylan and Guthrie

I’ve just read Bob Dylan’s Chronicles volume 1 (Simon and Schuster 2004) and it took me straight to Woody Guthrie’s Bound for Glory, a memoir that is in some ways … Continue reading

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Nudity: the state of being without clothes. There are many reasons for it around the world. Don’t need clothes, can’t afford them, desire to be sexually provocative, need to shock, … Continue reading

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Saturday, 4 July, 2015 · 1 Comment

Creole music

Once again I discovered something that everyone else has known about for some time: at least I’m consistent. I first came across Po’ Girl while watching the 2008  documentary Down … Continue reading

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Giants and heroes

The Giants and the Titans In Greek myth the Giants weren’t gigantic at all, but human-sized. They were sons of Earth (Gaia) who rebelled against the gods of Olympos, were … Continue reading

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Irish ancestors

The Countess of Moira I’ve got Irish ancestors. Quite a few, begorra (by god). And I’m learning more about them. What this really means is I’m learning more about European … Continue reading

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Saturday, 20 June, 2015 · 2 Comments

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