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A good start

The way you start anything – writing a book, making a journey, beginning a relationship, asking a prayer – determines how you finish it. To start well, you have to … Continue reading

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The Eve of Destruction

This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper. (TS Eliot The Hollow Men 1925) Friends are hinting … Continue reading

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The sixties

Where were you in the 1960s? If you were a baby, or still deciding to be born, it is a fascinating period to explore. The Sixties is a 2014 10-part … Continue reading

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John Lennon, saint or devil

I watched a documentary on John Lennon recently. It was called The Real John Lennon, and it was my original intention to review it here. I do so below. But … Continue reading

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Giants of science fiction

Science Fiction is a popular genre of literature and there are many types of SF published. But many of them are not truly, or fully, SF, just good books marketed … Continue reading

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The theories of quantum physics, first formulated in outline by Albert Einstein in 1905 as a consequence of his theories of Relativity, have revolutionised the sciences. But they are not … Continue reading

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Rebel Outlaws

Young Jesse James Watching a documentary on Jesse James last night reminded me of something else: Ned Kelly. There are quite a few coincidental features in each man’s life, as … Continue reading

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Confessions of Cervantes

I’m reading one of my favourite books, Don Quixote. This time I noticed that I hadn’t paid any attention to the author’s life on earlier readings, and that that life … Continue reading

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