A question of life or death

soulIs there death before life?  Time is a two way highway, but we seldom look backwards in our journey through life. Instead of always asking about what happens after we die, what can we learn by asking, what happens before we’re born?

Where do we come from? What makes us alive at conception? Are we created from nothing, or do we already exist? If we have souls and those souls are immortal, then the answer is that we already exist before birth. If so, then our life within our mortal body takes on a new perspective. Why can few remember events in their life before the age of two? That moment when sperm fertilises egg might not be the birth of consciousness. In fact, many believe that consciousness is merely an effect of the function of bodily systems. But consciousness, or self, is not the only form that life takes. Reincarnation looks more possible, but only if we sacrifice the continuance of self.

Life exists in many forms, and it must exist before our individual existence. Strange that in all the centuries that man has agonised about death no-one has looked at the question from this perspective, perhaps because life before self can’t be defined. If we exist before birth, then life and death are changes of form, two aspects of something beyond comprehension.

©2009 Original material copyright Phillip Kay. Images and other material courtesy Creative Commons. Please inform post author of any violation.


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