Love stories

Do you like love stories? I do. Not the he meets she, fall in love, happily ever after type of love story; that mills and boonerism is for people who feel the lack of romance in their lives. I’m thinking of love stories that bear some relation to real life, situation I’ve been in. In … More Love stories

A touch of class

Some Hollywood comedies of the 1930s. Among my favourite films are the romantic comedies of 1930s Hollywood. A group of 12 of them I think of as among the greatest films ever made. These 12 are unique in all of cinema history, a superb union of wit, sophistication, subtlety, comedy – and romance. They include … More A touch of class

Way to survival

In 1946 a remarkable British film was released. A Matter of Life and Death combined fantasy, romance and philosophy in a way only equalled ten years later by Ingmar Bergman. ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ On 24 March 1944 21 year old RAF Flight Sergeant Nicholas Alkemade was on a bombing mission over Germany. A Messerschmidt … More Way to survival

The sixties

Where were you in the 1960s? If you were a baby, or still deciding to be born, it is a fascinating period to explore. The Sixties is a 2014 10-part TV series released by CNN. Tom Hanks is one of its producers and also one of the people who offer brief commentaries on aspects of … More The sixties