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The cats
I’ve looked after a lot of animals over the years, but somehow my cats have meant the most. My first cat came to live at my house when I was a child. It was my mother’s cat really, and was called Biddy, almost the same size as me when we first met. Years later, when I wanted a cat my mother found one called Sputnik, more fleas than cat, and half feral, a real wild character whom we tamed. That one too was my mother’s cat.

My first cat, one I really related to, was a grey tabby I saw in a pet shop and fell in love with, and I took her home with her brother, a beautiful black tabby. I was reading a Charles Dickens novel at that time, and the cats became Chuzzlewit and Sweedlepipe. They were symmetrical cats, and often posed identically for me. When it was time for Chuzzlewit to die she gave me the wisest and most compassionate look I have ever received, before disappearing, never to be seen again. Then I discovered two more cats, introduced by a friend, who were of the same litter, one completely white, the other completely black. I called them Phoebe and Fergus. Fergus had a hard life, he was accident prone, and I was his safety zone, but one day he failed to negotiate a car and died while having surgery, probably from fear. He was four years old. Phoebe however lived to be 20, and hers was the longest lasting relationship I ever knew. I watched her die, and knew she was one of a kind, as are we all. Another disturbed cat came to live with me called Ebby, more commonly known now as Blackie. He’s a Norwegian Forest cat, lovely to look at, but nervous and bad tempered. Other cats have taken refuge at my homes from time to time, but haven’t stayed for one reason or another, but I’ve enjoyed their company.

The other cats here I don’t know personally. Max and Norm, the two looking over their shoulder, belong to someone’s website, and the others have been posted on the web too by cat lovers. I think they’re beautiful.


6 thoughts on “Cats

  1. Yes, you speak truth kind Sir. We’ve tried everything it would seem. We’ve even had a “cat whisperer” come along to help. Ahh complex characters, cats. They are definitely our masters and we in humble service to them. 😉

  2. Poor Binky. If old, he’s lost it. If young, he may be just disoriented and marking his territory. Give him a space he can call his own not cluttered with other cats; he may settle down and eventually join the family.

  3. “In ancient Egypt cats were worshipped. They have never forgotten this.”
    This is such a lovely post. I currently have a lovely but very mixed up cat named Binky. He has lost so much recently and alas, be urinates everywhere. He has no partiality about where. For this reason we can’t leave him unattended and so of a night he sleeps in the sauna in the cellar (it’s switched off of course). I sometimes feel so sad for him I’ll sleep in there with him.
    Sadly we must rehome poor Binky as our other two cats are very distressed with this new bumptious, urinating edition to the family. Poor Binky. 😩
    Yes, wonderful creatures, cats. They give so much joy and distraction. Even the mixed up and grieving Binky.🐈🐾

  4. The cat goddess in ancient Egypt was known as Bast she saved the Mankind from goddess Sekhmet in the famous myth “Destruction of mankind” that’s why Egyptians used to depict her in the tombs to save them in the journey to the afterlife. Although it was depicted on the scenes during the religious rituals as it was believed that she see the evil souls and eat them.

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