The site has had hundreds of comments from readers since it started in 2009. Some have agreed, some disagreed, some have violently disagreed, others have asked questions, or given information, and some have shamelessly promoted themselves. Here is a selection of the compliments. It pays to advertise!

I always learn something fascinating from your work. Thanks! (JV, on The Search for Eternity, 06/12/16)

Always so well written. Thank you for such a good read!!! (Rose, on The Magus and his Spell, 28/11/16)

Thank you for a thoughtful essay. You put into words what I have often thought about Sappho’s life and poems. (JV, on Poetry in Translation, 13/08/16)

I’ve been curious to know more about the source novels, and in searching around online have discovered your wonderful and comprehensive series of book reviews on Simenon — really the only source on the web for this kind of information. (Edward Sisson, on The Writer, 30/08/15)

This is insightful writing about Luke Kelly and Dubliners. For example your point about him being able to establish a personal relationship with those who never met him is most significant. (Paul James, on Freeborn Men, 22/08/15)

Thanks so much for this insight about early Parramatta, the Carson McBrien that you speak about was my 3x Gt Grandfather and I have always wondered what Parramatta was like in those early days. I wish that I had found this web page much earlier. (Jackie, on Bridget’s Children, 05/06/15)

Hi was feeling like a roller coaster ride when came across this site. Love reading everyone’s bits and pieces to the Davis puzzle. (Lee, on Identifying Joseph Davis, 15/02/15)

I just stumbled upon your page on me, which is so perfect, thank you!…Your reviews are amazing and I’d love to use them on the English page of my new website, coming up online this January, previous to the release of my new album “Navegar” in March, 3. (Bia Kreiger, on  Bia, and The Writer, 04/011/15)

I just finished watching Ghost World, and your analysis helped tremendously in interpreting it. Thanks. (David Simmons, on Haunted Lives, 27/06/14)

Thank you Philip for creating this web page. I am a University student and have been given an assignment on a general overview of Allingham’s work… I found your essay very informative, easy to read and understand and I thank you for it. (Ceinwen Tidley, on The Margery Allingham Question, 30/11/13)

I had Ratsmagic as a child and for the life of me couldn’t remember the title or author. Only the images haunted me for their beauty and detail. I am so excited to rediscover this book and even though I am 41 years old I am going to buy it today. Such great memories! (Kirsten Larson, on Rekindling the Sense of Wonder, 12/06/12)

I have to acknowledge overall I think your essay is very good. I apologize for some of my ruder posts, and I have enjoyed discussing Minoan civilization with you. We both certainly can agree that the Minoans were a fascinating culture. Your page also has some beautiful images and pictures that help bring Minoan Crete to life. (Will, on The Realm of Minos, 18/02/12)

Great piece..I’m a lifelong Dubliners fan and this is brilliant! (Jon Dillon, on Freeborn Men, 15/01/12)

Absolutely brilliant analysis and right on the mark…Thanks for an objective well written piece. (Jay, on The Force of Circumstance, 05/11/11)

Lovely site. I wrote a chapter on Minoan Crete in a book The Myth of the Goddess (Penguin, 1993,) by Baring and Cashford. (which also included one on Eve). Just to say thanks! (Jules Cashford, on The Realm of Minos, 08/10/11)

Well! As a die-hard Fred and Ginger fan, I have to say I was very happy to see a Fred and Ginger post! …I do agree with you a thousand times over that the charm of watching Fred and Ginger together will keep these movies alive for a long time. 75 years is a long time for a song to be so effective (this is very well said!) and it speaks to the quality and love put into the work. Cheers and thanks for a great post! (Jessica, on Fred and Ginger, 10/11/10)

Thanx for this post. It means a lot to me that readers are keeping Phil’s work alive. Actually, Phil wrote Transmigration years before his final works. It was the original VALIS, but he had trouble getting it published. The movie Bladerunner changed everything. (Tessa Dick, on The Transmigration of Timothy Archer, 29/06/09)


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