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Sherlock Holmes, Roy Orbison, Aeschylus, Howard Hawks, Aphrodite, Oscar Wilde, Astaire and Rogers, Ingmar Bergman, Shakespeare, George Carlin, Arthur Conan Doyle, Simenon, The Dubliners, Federico Fellini, Eric Rohmer, Gilgamesh, Jean Harlow, Alexander the Great, Helen of Troy, Hiroshige, Shunji Iwai, Kieslowski, Li Po

Medium length essays, about 2000 words, on topics such as fiction, history, myth, music, cinema, and the society we live in (as I experience it). The idea is to promote discussion, because I believe  that’s a good idea. Am I right?  It’s more important that the topics are discussed. Your ideas on the subject could be interesting. No-one can be right or wrong.

Bia, Homer, Jean Arthur, George Orwell, Petronius, Margery Allingham, Raymond Chandler, Philip K Dick, Liane de Pougy, Ana Carolina, Jane Austen, Satyajit Ray, Richard Francis Burton, Johnny RiversSappho, Coline Serreau, Aristophanes, Preston Sturges, TarkovskyCharmian CliftZarathustra

You are on the Welcome page.  Click on a hyperlinked name below the slideshow to be taken to what I have written about that person. In the right hand column on all pages is a search field: enter a term to go to that topic if available. Below that is a list of essay categories: click on one of these to explore what I have written on that subject. Below that is a listing of posts which will take you to some of the most popular essays. Below that again you can see and explore the sites of my community, people who have made comments on my posts. Enter your email address in the subscribe field below if you want to be informed of new postings. On the page list at the top is an index to the site from which you can go directly to any title that interests you;  collections of free book sites; slideshows of pictures; some translated posts, initially into Italian; and details about myself, the writer. Clicking on the site title will return you to a view of all posts since 2009. Click on the post title to open full screen, and on site title to go back to home view.


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