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I’ve never travelled, except in my imagination, perhaps because when I was a child my family moved so many times the experience was associated in my mind with unrest, sadness, distress, hostility and other negative things. Cities don’t interest me: I’ve always lived in cities except for several short periods in my childhood, and cities are places to be for me, not places to look at. Landscape is a different thing entirely. I once moved from a room overlooking a railway shunting yard at Chippendale, one of Sydney’s grimier inner city suburbs, to a house on a ridge at Hazelbrook in Sydney’s Blue Mountains, where you could see for miles, and all you saw was trees and sandstone cliffs, and the air was blue. The experience sparked an appreciation of natural beauty in me that is there still. My thanks sincerely go to those with similar sensibilities who have taken these lovely photographs.


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